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Having worked for over twenty years with functional, technical, and business analysts, I aver that Susan Luckhurst is the best analyst with whom I had the pleasure to work.

When I hired Susan ten years ago to be a business analyst, her near impossible challenge was to do three things; understand the business processes in a division of 30 departments, understand the capabilities of the systems (transactional, business intelligence, and locally developed applications), and to optimize both processes and systems.

Susan took that challenge seriously and consistently and quickly learned “all there was to know” about everything she investigated. She brought to bear her many skills (including leadership, change management, business analysis, etc.) and enthusiasm to a diverse portfolio of projects that required process redesign, implementation management, testing, stakeholder management, and organizational change. She did so with kindness and grace, and produced significant impacts throughout the division.

Greg Kimbell

Director Technology Solutions, Cornell University (Retired)

I have worked with Joseph Abraham on the Kuali Coeus project since November 2010. Kuali Coeus ( is an open source software development effort being undertaken by a group of institutions of higher education. During that time he has been the primary Business Analyst on all three research compliance modules in the system. In his relatively short time on this project he has become a key contributor and expert on the product. We depend heavily on his skills and knowledge. On this project many of team leaders have the majority of their responsibilities outside the project. As his knowledge has grown Joseph has provided tremendous support to these people by capably taking on delegated responsibilities and transferring knowledge among project teams. Joseph is a key contributor towards our successful completion of the initial development in the spring of 2012.
Working with Joseph is a great pleasure. I have come to depend heavily on Joseph’s expertise and insight. His pleasant and calm nature is a great benefit in a project that is significantly time and resource constrained. His excellent organization skills keep the rest of the team on track. I would rank Joseph in the top two or three Business Analysts that I have worked with over the past decade. I have enjoyed working with him very much.

Dan Dwyer

Director, Financial Systems Administration & Information Delivery , Cornell University

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