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User experience insight for websites, software, and apps.

HiTech Essentials specializes in UX for higher-ed IT services. We focus on increasing user satisfaction, lowering costs, and reducing barriers to conversion for campus IT services through:

  • Audience research – interviews, focus groups, or surveys to find out what people think about, and what they desire from, your services
  • Custom usability testing – non-biased task-based testing to find out what’s easy and what’s hard to do with your services
  • Strategic UX consulting – recommendations to make changes, based on NN/g’s extensive global research and our analysis of your services

A positive user experience is crucial to help campus IT services provide value and return on investment, while advancing higher-ed missions, research, and academic lives. We can help improve design, interface, navigation performance, and lots more.

HiTech Essentials
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